How To Download Paid Apps For Free On Android 2019

Android is the most used mobile operating system. Because of its feature, design and a lot of apps in every single category. You just have to search for the app and tap on install button and enjoy. But all the apps and games are not free. Some of them are paid. For downloading them you have to pay for them with your card and or internet banking. So If you’re like me who loves to download new apps daily and want to download the best app in its category, this article is for you. Because in this article I’ll be showing you a method by which you can download paid apps for free that you like in play store.

It’ simple when you want to download apps, you open play store and find the apps and saw it’s paid in play store.

But you know there’s many more app store available on the internet. Which gives you all the paid apps for free. You just have to search the desired app and click download.

Is it illegal to download paid apps for free

Downloading paid app for free is not illegal. There’s website which buys these paid apps from play store and shares with there website or apps user.
I’ll only show those resources which are most popular among Android users and easy to use without creating an account or buying any subscription.

How To Download Paid Apps For Free On Android

I’ve listed my favorite and one of the best places where you can find paid apps for free. just download any below-given app and install it on your device. search for apps and download them with the help of these apps.

#1. Google opinion reward

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Google Opinion Rewards Screenshot
  • Google Opinion Rewards Screenshot
  • Google Opinion Rewards Screenshot

We see many good apps in the play store that’s free and many which are paid. For downloading those paid apps you have to pay for them but today I’ll show you a completely legal way to download paid apps for free on android.

First, go to play store and search for google opinion reward (yes it’s google official app) and tap on install button, wait for it to install. After installing fill your details and click agree on terms and condition.

What google opinion reward does is. It gives you surveys to complete in your preferred language and in return. google app reward you with money in your Google opinion reward app.You can use the reward money for buying apps from play store

Note: when you fill the survey make sure to read full question and then give right answers.

#2. Blackmart

How to download paid apps for free

Blackmart is the best alternative to play store. It provides all the apps that are available in play store without any restriction. No registration, No google account. Sometimes when we try to install some apps on our android device. Play store does not allow to download because of compatibility (even though they might compatible). If you have a paid application, you can also upload it to Blackmart. Most of the time when I have to download any paid app. I use Blackmart it’s fast like play store and gives good download speed also. Just download from below link, install and search for the app. If the app is available click on download.

#3. Mobogenie

Paid apps for free

Mobogenie is also great for downloading any paid app for free. It was available on play store but after violating terms and condition. They removed it from play store.
A great feature of Mobogenie is. It does not only give you app and games. It gives you access to all the paid ebook and music also.
if you don’t like ads you can try other listed apps but if you ok with ads and pop-ups. It’s great place for finding paid apps.

#4. 4Shared

With 4sahred it’s very easy to download paid apps for free on’s one of the oldest website which provides all apps and games for free. 4shared is available to download from play store.

4shared is not limited to apps and games. It’s a cloud hosting service. Where you can upload your all the data and share with everyone.

But first You need to create an account with them. for downloading apps and games it’s great. If you want to upload big data you need to have a pro version.

#4. 1Mobile Market

download paid apps for free on android

1Mobile Market is great as a play store alternative. You’ll find all the paid and free apps there. You can download 1mobile market from play store but if you download it from play store. You can download free apps but when you try to download paid apps. It’ll redirect you to play store.

For solving this problem you need to download the secret APK file which will give you all access to paid and free apps.

#5. 9Apps

9Apps is popularly known for it’s easy and unique design. If you’re using UC browser. You at least once heard of this app because UC browser promotes 9apps as a play store alternative. In 9Apps you don’t have to create an account just search and install all the paid application you always wanted. It’s one of my favorite place to download paid apps for free.


I hope you guys like this article. These apps are the best to download paid apps for free on android. If you have any problem, feel free to ask in the comment section down below. If you like the article, share with your friends and family.

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